The Blackberry Boys are back

I stopped short in my tracks when I heard the familiar jingle on TV the other days. This time a slightly more lamenting take on the previous peppy ad. Still seems like the blackberry is the most popular smart phone and now with the Rs 5 BBM deal. I still don’t get the blackberry. My fingers would just jam the little buttons on the phone. I still love my Iphone and would not exchange it for the world.
Anyways- this ad does not have the cool charisma of the previous ad from last year and just seems like a lame extension. However its slick, well shot, the jingle sounds good slowed down. The super stylized cool kids lack the fun jingle theatrical ‘ lets get everyone on board’ that the previous ad had.
Still not a bad deal for all of you BBM users.
They also have a facebook page as everyone does today.
Not a bad ad overall. Good job Ogilvy Mumbai.


By the way- I found this today. its a bit expensive at $256 for the mount for my Nikon lenses. But still an interesting thought to use the Iphone as a DSLR. Im sure a DSLR is a lot more complex than just attaching fancy lenses. Dont you think.


Hero. Icon. Legend.

Epochmaker. Trailblazer. Troublemaker. Genius. Visionary. Thinker. Inspiration. A circular peg in a square hole. I don’t think I am capable of writing a tribute to Steve Jobs, who passed away at the age of 56 on Oct 5th 2011.

My first encounter with Apple was as a young graduate student in the Master of Fine Arts program at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. My RA proudly announced- we are an Apple college – no PCs here. She saw the look of horror on my face and said don’t worry they are extremely intuitive to use. You will figure it out. My other surprise was to find out that the Architecture Interior Architecture Designed Object program (AIADO) did not use AutoCAD becuase it was not Mac friendly. The Chair of AIADO said to me- who wants to get stuck drawing straight lines. These were the underlying philosophies that helped me shape into the designer that I am and my attitude to the world. I worked 40 hours a week with 12 credit hours of course work for three semesters to save up and buy my first Powerbook. It was my pride and joy- my graduate thesis coursework, my first job, my first portfolio, my first lesson plan as a college professor, and many firsts were done on this then fantastic machine. My powerbook was fast, easy, light, looked cool, allowed me to explore the world at my fingertips. I’ve been an Apple user since- Ipods, Iphones,Macbook pro and coming soon an Ipad. I am an icollector. Every city I visit around the globe I make a customary trip to the Apple store and am always inspired. The interiors are a reflection of the beautifully designed technologically crafted products. True genius in every sense.

Steve Jobs and Apple made technology sexy.

I want to share with you some of the older Apple ads before Apple became a household name.These ads were made around the time Steve Jobs returned to Apple in 1997.

Another super ad- this PC vs. Mac series is brilliant.- I am Steve Jobs.

Another HILARIOUS ad- Get a Mac please!

And then this awesome ad for Itunes in collaboration with Coldplay in May 2008 releasing Viva la Vida to the world.

And finally on Monday night- Oct 4th, I watched with excitement the new ad for the Iphone 4s. Another promise of great technology at your fingertips in your pockets.

Apple is a company whose foundation lies in the spirit of this man. I salute you Steve Jobs. Here is the famous commencement speech that he gave at Stanford in 2005. In my lowest days, I listen intently to this speech as he encouraged the young graduates to defy rules, find what they love and to do it to their best ability, to make mistakes, to take risks, to be creative and mostly to ‘stay hungry, stay foolish’. In his own words:

‎’Death is very likely the single best invention of life. It’s life’s change agent; it clears out the old to make way for the new.’

Goodnight and goodbye Steve Jobs. May your legacy remain and flourish.

1955- 2011

The Speed of Yellow

I saw this ad in Switzerland, this June, while waiting for a train. I was taken in by the flying yellow lines zipping around the globe past famous sites and of course the very catchy version of “Aint no mountain high enough” playing along. A deeper look into the campaign – DHL Express launched with the idea that it is an integral part of bringing success for the smallest personal story to the largest business innovations in the fastest way possible every time, everywhere around the globe. The anthem which was first featured in their 1991 ad was re-recorded by the famous producer Paul Epworth and sung by British up-and-comer Dionne Bromfield.

Two television commercials, “Grow” and “Runway”, introduce the “Speed of Yellow” concept, showing how key events are made possible by DHL, from creating a concept car in Paris, to receiving a circuit board in space, and putting the finishing touches to a designer dress in New York.

This ad is made in 25 languages, for 42 markets for TV, print, radio, outdoor and digital. This campaign has been designed by London based Ad Agency Maverick.

Presenting Grow:


They also have a cool digital “Share the song of DHL Express” contest on youtube encouraging people to upload their versions of the song-“Ain’t no mountain high enough”

I dug up the 1991 ad. Its really interesting how the concept is the same just shot differently.

Keep true to their promise-  DHL Express- Excellence. Simply delivered.

Read more here

My first appearance…

I joined advertising a year back in July precisely. Now there is an ad out there that I have contributed towards. However,  I still haven’t watched an ad film being made, or a script being rolled out, or met actors or anything. But I did get the opportunity to design the Happy Painting Guide. A new initiative by Asian Paints to help the customer understand more about their huge range of products. The Happy Painting Guide is a comprehensive book at the tips of your fingers that lets you know everything you need to about painting your walls inside, outside or your furniture etc.

A little silly but the two brothers are entertaining. Presenting – my first appearance in the form of The Happy Painting Guide:

I’m Always on Facebook

Yea. I almost feel like this ad was made for me. Its quite entertaining dont you think. A musical almost – an ode to our virtual realities. A wall, a poke, friends, groups, like, comment etc. So how did I come across this ad- Facebook of course.

What’s it about- The Vodafone Blue Phone was developed in collaboration with Facebook to take social media networking to the very next level.

Proudly enough- this ad was conceptualized by Ogilvy, Mumbai. Way to go.

Time to get back…

And what better way to do this. I came across this book- Design School Confidential on my friend Ishan Khosla’s timeline on Facebook. What a fantastic idea this book is. The book is a collection of projects that teachers have submitted as some of the best work from their classrooms from over fifty design programs around the world. I really want this book.

Also Oh!Joy posted about these Two women who make the most divine clothing with Indian Sarees. I am going to take one of mom’s saree and make myself a tunic. YUM!

Hold My hand

Happy Friday Y’all. I heard on the news earlier this week that the last song Michael Jackson performed has been released. Its this wonderful catchy duet with Akon- who I love.

Its a really hummable number and I like me you might want to hear it over and over. I love Michael Jackson and wish his musical genius could go on and on forever. When I was 16 I learned how to Moonwalk from my friend. We would put on the video for Thriller and practice our moonwalks.

Hey did you know that Michael Jackson had patented the moonwalk – the diagram submitted to the patent board is totally groovy.

So a little bit of Michael Jackson for you…

Its the Holidays- do hold your loved ones hand.